Badminton Techniques

Badminton Techniques

It is necessary to work on badminton techniques in order to improve your game. These techniques can be both physical and mental. In badminton it is essential to develop your footwork, stamina, shots, tactics, and to be able to overcome the stress of competition.

Many of the more advanced badminton techniques are related to learning how to deceive your opponent so that they can’t read the angle of your shot. One of the main ways of doing this is to learn to slice your shot by angling the face of your racket or by using a technique that will make the shuttlecock spin. Among the many slicing techniques are what are called the “slice proper” and the “reverse slice.” In the slice proper the angle of the face of the racquet is turned inwards so that the shuttlecock will unexpectedly travel cross-court. In a reverse slice the racquet face is angled in the opposite direction–outward. The first is usually used on the right side of the court and the second on the left. Drop shots, low serves and smashes can all be angled in this way with a slicing technique.

One of the benefits of the newer high-tech racquets is that they have a shorter hitting action than traditional racquets. This can allow for a short flick of the shuttlecock just over the net when you have your opponent set up for a more powerful shot. The shorter hitting action is one of badminton techniques that can also work in reverse. You can deceive your competition by hitting a powerful shot without a big swing of your arm.

Using a double motion and faking the direction of your racquet head are two other badminton techniques that are meant to be deception maneuvers. In both cases, your opponent will believe the shuttlecock is going in one direction, when in reality it is going in the opposite.

Other badminton techniques are related to wrist motion. Different wrist motions can increase the spin of the shuttlecock, making it harder to return. They can also add power to such stokes as the overhead smash.

One of the most overlooked badminton techniques is footwork. The best badminton players do footwork drills designed to increase the speed with which they get to shuttlecock. Some people think that buying a new racquet is the key to improving their badminton technique when in truth more will be gained by working on footwork. The better your footwork, the more comfortable you will be making your shots.